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Barley Green

Barley Green, Raw green food, Natural & safe Barley Green16 vitamins, 23 minerals, chlorophyll for healing the body, live enzymes for building your immune system, Amino & Folic acids for healthy babies etc. 1 teaspoon Barley Green is eq. to 2 heads of broccoli. Only 5 cents a day

Beam Vacuums

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Barley Green

Barley Green


Water is essential nutrition. We need 6-8 glasses per day.
Take care of your health before it′s too late.
Retirement plans may change a lot. Research shows that we need more nutrition & don′t get it.
What if your health fails?
Concerned about your health or that of a loved one?

Raw Barley Green is the best nutrition we can find.
Feel the difference with natural Barley Green or your money back.
16 vitamins, 23 minerals, chlorophyll for healing the body,
live enzymes for building your immune system,
Amino & Folic acids for healthy babies, etc.
1 teaspoon Barley Green is eq. to 2 heads of broccoli. Only 50 cents a day.
Also contains 11 times the calcium as in milk,
7 times the vitamin C as in oranges
and 5 times the iron as in spinach.

Save money & improve health

Benefits & Features


  • Helps maintain whole body health-for a strong foundation
  • Delivers two to three times more nutrients, per serving; than found in a typical serving of green vegetables
  • Assists in fulfilling the new Food Pyramid recommendations by providing six to nine fruit/vegetable portions per every three servings of AIM BarleyLife®
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Increases overall energy
  • Offers unique and powerful plant antioxidants
  • Contains live enzymes, including superoxide dis-mustase (SOD)
  • Includes a complete profile of amino acids-considered the building blocks of life
  • Enhances performance for those with active lives- athletes, business professionals, parents on-the-go
  • Provides anti-inflammatory action for healthier joints and tissues
  • Exhibits cholesterol-lowering effects
  • Gives you the advantage of juicing without the mess


  • Built on over 20 years of safe and beneficial use by
  • AIM Members
  • Developed through more than 25 years of research
  • Holistic approach to crop management
  • Grown in clean, green, pristine environments
  • Crops only cut once
  • Natural chlorophyll
  • Neutral pH
  • Pure juice, not milled grass; minimal fiber present
  • Nutrients in natural proportions without synthetic or genetic modification

Whole Food Concentrates

Many health awareness institutes advise that we eat five or more servings of vegetables daily. AIM whole food concentrates provide a dynamic convenient response to this challenge.


The ideal way to increase the power of green foods in your diet! High in, chlorophyll, alkaline, rich in enzymes, a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and easily assimilated protein.

Just Carrots

All the benefits of carrot juice without the hassle of juicing! High in beta carotene and other beneficial carotenoids, good for healthy skin, eyes, and general nutrition. All juicing enthusiasts agree tliat carrot juice is one of the best!


Good source of iron and minerals, builds red blood cells, improves digestion. Barleygreen, Just carrots & RediBeets provide the pillars of any effective juicing program. We call them the "Garden Trio!".


The power of wheat sprouts packed into a tablet! Increases the body′s ability to produce antioxidant enzymes (superoxide dismutase, Catalan). Each tablet also includes selenium and Vitamin B12.


CoOlO is a substance used by every cell in the body to create energy. Ccllspare Q Extensive scientific studies have shown thai CoQIO is great for the heart and gums, with many additional benefits to follow.


The benefits of cranberry juice in a concentrated inexpensive form! For years, doctors have recommended cranberry juice for urinary tract infections.


This water-soluble extract captures the essence of a famous fresh water clam in Japan that has been used for hundreds of years to strengthen the liver.

Herbal Products

Herbal Fibreblend

Greatest fiber in the world with a great combination of herbs that work synergistically for belter elimination, improved absorption of food, and cleansing of the digestive system. The herbs included have a long history of feeding many organs in the body.

Herbal Release

A time proven herbal formula that improves lymphatic function as well as feeds organs throughout the body. Includes an international cast of herbs that have been successfully used in several regions around the world.!

Activated Ginkgo

Improves circulation to the brain, hands, and feet. Has anti-blood clotting and antioxidant activity. Helps to improve short-term memory. For years, this extract from the Ginkgo leaf has been one of the most popular products in Europe.


A special formula that helps relax the body through nutritional herbs. Great for people in high stress environments. Also works as a great complement to Herbal Fiberblend.

Aloe Products

Aloe Gold

Whole leaf concentrate aloe vera beverage with the highest amount of mucopolysaccharides of any aloe beverage availible today. Beneficial both internally and topically. A wealtlh of scientific research from the University of Texas gives several promising uses of aloe vera beverages in providing nutritional support to humans and animals.

Aloe Natural

Juice from aloe fillets in the most natural form possible, harvested packaged by hand. For those who love aloe in as natural a state as possible. Aloe Natural is the highest quality available!

Aloe Fresh Lotions

The Moisturizing Liniment, Gel, and Body Lotion all contain ten times as much aloe vera as most other skin care preparations. Promotes quick healing for burns and bites and temporary relief from minor joint pains.

Specialty Products


Very potent antioxidants (OPC′s, often referred to as pycnogenols) are combined in this unique formula of pine bark, grape seed, and green tea extract. Proancynol provides the highest concentration of OPC′s in any product on the market today.

Bee Pollen

Wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes combined in tlie highest quality pollen in tlie world, harvested in the northwestern United States.

Pure Delight Energy Bar

Nutrition in disguise, these "candy bars" use honey, oats, sunflower seeds, and oither natural ingredients for energy that is healthy and long-lasting.

AIM Catalyst Altered Water

Introduced on 60 Minutes as "Willard′s Water," this water concentrate dilutes into purified water to increase thee beneficial properties of water. It increases the assimilation of nutrients, produces healthier plants, improves the performance of detergent or soaps, and soothes stressed skin (burns, bites, etc.)


AIM′S premier weight management product works with ihe AIM Lifestyle Weight Management Program to bring safe, effective and long-term weight managemnt. Combines three ingredients that increase energy, reduce cravings, and assist the fat-burning process at the cellular level.

AIM BarleyLife is a Whole Body Nutrition product. The complete Whole Body Nutrition line consists of the AIM Garden Trio - AlM BarleyLife®, AIM Just Carrots®, and AIM RediBeets®. Use these products to give yourself a solid-foundation for your health.

Product DescriptionsCodePrice
AIMega® 120 softgel capsules 4036E $32.50
300 g powder
280 vegetarian capsules
300 g powder-NO KELP


BarleyLife® Xtra 300 g powder
Bear Paw Garlic® 90 vegetarian capsules 2053E $26.00
Cascara Sagrada™ 60 veg cap 4042E $16.90
CellSparc360® 30 softgel capsules 1576E $46.00
Composure® 90 vegetarian capsules 4377E $26.00
CranVerry® 90 veg cap 1576E $46.00
FibreBalance® 375 g powder 4487E $44.20
FloraFood® 60 vegetarian capsules 3789E $37.70
Frame Essentials® 120 vegetarian capsules 3647E $32.50
Garden Trio® powder -
BarleyLife®, Just Carrots®, RediBeets®


GinkgoSense™ 30 vegetarian capsules 2734E $31.20
GlucoChrom™ 60 vegetarian capsules 2772E $23.40
Herbal FiberBlend®
all natural raspberry 375 g powder
280 vegetarian capsules


Herbal Release® 120 vegetarian capsules 2658E $29.90
Just Carrots®400 g powder 3782E $50.70
LeafGreens™ 228 g powder 5096E $76.70
Peak Endurance™ 400 g powder 4190E $58.50
PrepZymes® 100 vegetarian capsules 2171E $26.60
Proancynol®2000 - 60 capsules 2170E $37.70
Pro Bone® 158 g powder 4631E $45.50
RediBeets®250 g powder 2170E $37.70
RevitaFem® 60 vegetarian capsules 3500E $18.20
Daily Essentials™ Pack Save up to $6.00
BarleyLife®, Herbal FiberBlend®, AIMega®
BarleyLife®, FibreBalance®, AIMega
BarleyLife- Xtra, Herbal FiberBlend
BarleyLife® Xtra, FibreBalance®, AIMega®


RevitaFem® 60 vegetarian capsules 3500E $18.20



The Aim Companies Parent company website -

Beam Vacuums

Beam Built-in Central Vacuum


Why Buy a BEAM?

Cleaning Power

A Beam Central Cleaning System provides much more cleaning power than most portable vacuums. In fact, up to five times more power! That means you'll have a cleaner, healthier home.


Installing a Beam Central Cleaning System means no more lugging around a heavy, awkward sweeper. No more carrying a vacuum up and down stairs. And a Beam System includes the attachments for superior above-the-floor cleaning such as dusting windows, doors, picture frames, lamp shades, ceiling fans, light fixtures.. .anywhere and everywhere dirt and dust hide.


Your Beam Central Cleaning System will vacuum carpets like you′ve never seen before... deep cleaning the nap of the carpet, and leaving the carpet fibers standing on end like the day you bought it. In addition to carpets, your Beam will clean vinyl, hardwood and tile floors.. .drapes, curtains and upholstery... computer keyboards, mini-blinds, and vertical blinds... car carpeting and upholstery... you can groom your pets and clean your refrigerator coils, walls, and bookcases... the possibilities are endless!

Healthier Indoor Environment

Unlike portable vacuums, a Beam removes all of the dust, debris and other allergy-causing particles that it contacts away from the living areas. No more dirty exhaust air back into the room like portables do. You′ll experience a cleaner indoor environment. That′s why today, many allergists recommend a Beam Central Cleaning System to their patients.

Adds Value To Your Home

Studies have shown that a Beam Central Cleaning System can add value to your home... as much as $1,500 or even more. How many other home improvements can give you all the benefits of a Beam and add as much or more value than the system′s original cost? In addition, real estate professionals will tell you that a home with a Beam system will sell faster because prospective buyers perceive a Beam home as a cleaner home.


A Beam Central Cleaning System can cost less than many portable vacuum models. Since a Beam has more cleaning power, is more convenient to use, helps provide a cleaner indoor environment and adds value to your home, why would you spend money on a portable vacuum? In addition, most Beam Dealers offer several financing options to make the purchase work with any budget.

Easy Installation

New construction or older home, in either case, a Beam system can be easily installed in usually just a few hours. Your authorized Beam Dealer can handle the installation or can provide you with an installation manual and video for the do-it-yourselfer.


BEAM Advantages

The Beam Company

  • We have been in the Central Vacuum business SINCE 1957
  • We are the WORLD′S LEADING PRODUCER of Central Vacuums
The Beam Products
  • Our products represent CUTTING EDGE VACUUM TECHNOLOGY
  • We feature STEEL POWER UNIT BODIES with our Unique Motor Gasket for a lifetime of effective use (no loss of suction)
  • Beam hoses and power brushes are VERY USER FRIENDLY
  • The new Beam Serenity QS and Beam Power Units feature a new single-motor that′s the most powerful in the industry
  • A self-cleaning vacuum filter from the inventors of GORE-TEX™ fabric and Serenity OS boasts a dirt receptacle infused with
    the anti-microbial agent Alpha-San™ along with the QuietPak™ sound insulation system.
  • Proven Allergy Relief! Only Beam Central Vacuum Systems are clinically proven to deliver allergy relief.
New Home... Old Home... Almost Any Home.

A Beam Can Be Installed In Your Home.

vacuuming convenience



Do You Suffer

From Allergies Or Asthma?

Clinical Research shows a Beam Central Vacuum relieves all seven major allergy symptoms.






















UC-Davis clinical study proves a Beam system reduces allergy symptoms.

You have tried everything for relief from asthma and allergies, except perhaps, a Beam Central Vacuum System. Clinical research from the University of California at Davis proves a Beam system provides relief from major allergy symptoms! Unlike conventional vacuums that can recirculate dust, a Beam system removes dust, mites, pollen, dander and other allergens from living areas to create a cleaner, healthier environment.

Please see your Beam Dealer for a copy of the Gershwin / Naguwa study.

Beam takes 100%

of dirt, dust, and allergy causing particles (including dust mites) away from the living area - to a canister usually located in the garage.

installation diagram
Air Quality As Much As

*EPA study shows frequent vacuuming and deep-cleaning improves indoor air quality by as much as 52%



Beam Canada Parent company website -

The Influence of a Central Vacuum System on Quality of Life in Patients ... Stanley M. Naguwa and M. Eric Gershwin ... Stanley M. Naguwa and M. Eric Gershwin. J Invest Allergol Clin Immunol 2001; Vol. 11(4): 290294 ...
pdf download