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Green Bay, Your destination for seaside adventure.

sea arch

Langdon′s Cove Arch, Oceanview Trail

Enjoy a host of fun outdoor activities in this pristine marine environment.

The south shore of Green Bay features a dramatic coastline with many miles to explore, from beaches to resettled outports to ancient native campgrounds. Through Green Bay Island Tickle to Three Arms and around Hennesey Island, rock formations, brightly colored lichen stained cliffs, hidden coves and inlets are just some of the fascinating features you will find. Nesting eagles and ospreys, migrating pods of whales and dolpins and drifting icebergs are some of the areas natural features. Extensive hiking trails with rest facilities, bridges and boardwalks wander through abandoned settlements leading to scenic lookouts that offer grand ocean views.

The crystal-clear, emerald green waters of Birchy Cove

Birchy Cove

Sea Kayaking


Towering cliffs provide protection from prevailing southwesterly winds in summer. Arms, islands and tickles that feature sea stacks, arches and other rock formations are yours to explore. Secluded pebble beaches and quiet coves where green pastures tell of past habitation make convenient rest stops or destinations in themselves.

Take a trip with one of our local touring companies for a trip around the coast.

The recreational cod fishery is very popular in this area with a tremendous success rate and fish often weighing in at greater than 20 pounds. There are several rivers emptying into nearby Halls Bay that have good catch rates for Atlantic salmon and trout. There are also countless ponds and lakes for trout fishing.

Our many hiking and walking trails offer diverse challenges to both the serious and occasional hiker. There are 9 trails in the Green Bay region with a number of less prominent community trails. The Oceanview Trail which leads to the Green Bay arch, is just a 5 minute drive to Langdon's Cove. The Kings Cove trail to Green Bay Island Tickle begins in Harry′s Harbour, just a 10-minute drive and includes the Gull Cliff Lookout which provides a grand panoramic view of Notre Dame Bay. Three other popular trails in the area include the Alexander Murray, a 12 km trail with boardwalks and steps leading to a 400 m summit, the Rattling Brook Falls Trail, a 1 km trail with boardwalks and steps leading to an 800 foot waterfall and the Caribou Trail which follows 6 Km of shoreline in Southwest Arm, two of these have been featured in Saltscapes magazine.

Rattling Brook Falls

Rattling Brook Falls

Rattling Brook Trail

Corner Brook Falls

Corner Brook Falls

Alexander Murray trail

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